Humanity, and with it our world, has been going through a Shift that marks the end of a long history of darkness and cruelty, and the beginning of a bright new era of light. It is the time in our development for the awakening of the heart. It is a huge change, into territories we as a people have never before explored, and it is a very beautiful and sacred time. This transition happens only once in the history of a planet, and it is happening now. 

Whenever a world like ours is ready to make the transition to awaken the heart and develop sentience, those from outside that world come in to prepare the way and to guide a healthy development. We are like children growing up, and we don't have to do it alone. Kirael doAni, the energy of the heart of the creator source, has been watching over our world for a long time, interfering where necessary, quietly healing damages from our past, and waking up in people the desire to be kind, to live in harmony with each other and with the world, and to open their hearts and love. For thousands of years, Kirael has been teaching people in this world about the heart, sometimes through channeled work, sometimes by inspiring our authors and artists, sometimes through whispered words at the right time to the right person.

KiraelNow, at this most critical time, when powerful new energies are coming into our world, Kirael doAni has come into our world in a physical body that serves as a bridge between the energies of the heart of the infinite, and the denser physical energies of this world. This physical anchor into our world has allowed him to make fast and powerful changes to the local energies. The Shift to awakening the heart, which could have taken hundreds of years of pain and chaos, can now happen in a very short time, with beauty, and ease, and joy.

After a lifetime of traveling the world and working with hundreds of thousands of people personally, Kirael doAni moved to Europe in 2010 to begin the challenging task of healing the damage in this world and bringing in the energy of the heart. In this critical time, he has done many workings to shape the fundamental and structural energies of the planet and her people, while teaching the lessons of the heart to a small core of students around him. With these workings and these teachings, all of us can begin our own personal transformation and make our first steps to living in a world of love.

Kirael doAni's teachings are always the same, no matter which planetary system he comes to or at what time in their history. He holds the energy of the heart, and he teaches the lessons of the heart. The heart is simple. It tells you to love. To heal yourself. To be kind to one another. To let go of those those that no longer bring you joy, so you have room to grow and expand and love more deeply. The energies of the heart are the energies of kindness and compassion, of opening up, of becoming healthier and happier and more. This energy does not allow anything based in shadow, in fear, in anger..

teachingIt is for this reason that Kirael doAni teaches us first and foremost of the light, of the Holy Child (the A0 energy), as the root of our energy system and the start of the process towards healing. He shows us how to reach inside and find the places where our emotions are damaged from childhood, and how to feel and release these emotions. He gives us methods to become more aware of the subtle energies, so we can perceive our energy body and begin to repair it. He challenges our social customs, our rules and regulations, our beliefs, where these are outdated and are not in line with the heart energy. He plays with us and laughs with us, so we can learn joy and be healthy children. He sets challenges for us, so we have something to reach for and start growing. He encourages us to touch and hug easily, to communicate well, to explore and express healthy sexuality. He shares with us his wisdom, so we can learn to ask our own questions and find our own answers. He treats us with a deep love and kindness and patience, so that we feel that light against our being, and when we are ready, can begin to open our own hearts and share our love with the world. He teaches that it is not what you say or do that matters, but the energy you hold. If the energy you hold comes from joy and from love, then whatever you say and whatever you do will be in harmony with the energies of the world.

For those who want more than just to awaken their hearts and live a happy, healthy life, he teaches us the secrets of the meta-intuitive gifts we were all born with. He teaches us the magic of sensing, shaping and sourcing, and how to follow a path in life that will get us to the greatest exploration and expression of our Self. He helps us realise that those in the light do not have to be small and weak, but can be strong, and amazing, and powerful forces in the world. He teaches us how to listen to the things life is telling us, how to remember who we are both in this life and beyond, how to best help those around us do the same.


Our world, because of its long history in shadow, had been damaged in so many different ways that it was not able to make a gradual, natural transition to the awakening of the heart. Our development had gotten corrupted in too many places. Before the heart could awaken in this world and in humanity, this damage had to be healed, the underlying problems addressed, and many of people's systems needed to re-grow in a healthy way. Holding the energy of the heart of the creator source, and solidly linked into this world by his physical body, Kirael doAni has worked since (at least) 2010 to bring about the awakening of the heart. He has gone into the darkest places of what is, and brought the light of the heart into them. He has taken those who work to create shadow and pain and fear, and shut them down. He has made healthy energy available and encouraged it come up into every person, every animal, every plant and every structure.

planetHis workings are done with a tremendous amount of subtlety and beauty, on levels deeper than most of us will be able to perceive in a thousand years. By now, countless workings, on the fundamental, structural and surface levels of our world, are working together to heal people's energy system and their emotional system, to connect them to the earth and to their own centre, and to teach them to act always in joy and love. We are only just beginning to see the effects. Over the next decade, our whole world will be remade in the energy of the heart, as these workings come up from the deeper levels to the surface where we can perceive them easily. The processes that have been set in motion will continue to guide and protect this world for thousands of years to come. Workings on this scale have not been possible before in the history of our planet. It was a time of shadow, and a time of decreasing of magic, as talked about in mythologies such as Lord of the Rings, the Mists of Avalon, Star Wars, and others. Now is a time of the light, of the return of magic, and soon all of us will be able to do small workings of our own. The Great Workings, however, were only possible for a short time, while the window for these changes was open.

Key workings: the closing of a rip in the fundamental fabric of reality, that was causing this part of the galaxy to be filled with shadow (Dec 2010); opening a sacred well near our planet and beginning the Upwelling (Dec 2011); shifting the energy of this planet into a new direction (Dec. 2012); reconnecting people to the earth and bringing healthy energy into their systems (July 2013); addressing the savage male and female leftovers from our brutal past (April 2014); ending the war between the genders (June 2014); removing an ocean of anger and shadow from the energy field of our world (Aug 2014); healing human sexuality (Oct 2014); bringing in the heart energies (Feb 2015);creating a global baseline so people can begin to grow a healthy human subconscious (April 2015); and the last great working of removing shadow aspects from everyone person and every structure in this world (Aug 2015). You can find a full overview of recordings in the Workings playlist on Soundcloud.

Born with the rare natural gift for prophecy, Kirael doAni has made several predictions for the upcoming decade. By 2022, we will have trouble recognising our world as the same place.

You can look forward to a world where all children are educated, everybody has health care, nobody is going hungry, no one's homeless unless they choose to be, and where war is a cautionary tale out of history books. Everybody will be empathic and able to feel each other's feelings, leading gradually to an end of bullying, deception and abuse. Those coming from the light and from healthy energies will be healthier, more beautiful, and have more luck, while those coming from shadow, anger and fear will be physically ugly, weak, and have a lot of bad luck. Many of the secrets kept from us by various religious and governmental groups will be revealed.

We will see a huge increase in sexuality in people of all ages, and a much greater social acceptance and celebration of it. There will be censorship on violence and cruelty, not on sexuality. As a beautiful way to reduce population, 95% of the world population will be attracted to same-gender relationships, which will lead to some social re-ordering, but also to healthier relationships and to an increased value and care of children. With the Upwelling and all the new energy coming into the planet, we will see a return of natural intuitive abilities such as mind reading, truthscanning, healing, shaping the physical, and many more. 

Long term, although it may take anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand years, our world will most likely look like this: People are no longer living in huge cities, but are living in small groups in more natural areas. They easily meet in cities for work, social gatherings, and cultural events easily due to portal technology. This world has become a beautiful and sacred place where people from all over the galaxy come to heal, to study and learn of the heart and of harmony, to die or to have their children born.

Selection of key audios


Original frameworks by Kirael doAni

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Websites with Kirael doAni's work

  • Act Always In Love

    This world is at a stage of awakening the heart. More than just using the word love, it is time to start holding the energy of the heart , and express it in the world in everything you do. We love to get you started.

  • The Meta-Parent

    Children born since the Shift are a new species, highly intuitive and rooted in the new energies. It is a challenge for parents born in the old world to give these new kids the guidance they need.

  • Every Day Meta

    All kinds of everyday things like work, relationships, eating, exercising, sexuality or fashion, are easier and more fun when you apply some of the basics of the Meta-Intuitive Arts to them.

  • New Golden Age

    Kirael doAni's shares his memories of our history as well as his predictions for our future, and of his workings to affect the incredible Shift that is bringing us home. The best place for updates.

  • Meta-Intuitive Info

    A collection of all the information currently available on Life Path Archetypes (LPAs), the Circle of Truths and other aspects of the Meta-Intuitive Arts, all freely available.

  • Elfpath

    Elfpath incorporates Kirael doAni's teachings into a transformative 2-5 year process. Learn the Meta-Intuitive Arts and become all that you can be in an Easy, Light and Fun way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Kirael energy?

All the way back at the beginning of what is, the creator source spun out the first tones (oAni) to hold the fundamental energies in the universe. If all people, all ideas, all worlds, are points on a complicated grid, oAni are the lines from which the grid is made up. They are the tones that weave into the songs that all of the universe dances to. These first tones are unchanging: they do not grow, or change, or learn. They simply are, and will continue to be until shortly before the end of what is.

Kirael is the energy (ki) of the heart (ra) of the creator source, the infinite (el). The energy of the heart was one of the first tones that was spun out by the infinite, after the densest energy of physical things, the energy of feelings, and the energy of rational ideas and social structures. Kirael holds the energy of love, but a love more vast and more pure than any human has known. If you spend a thousand lifetimes studying and building the energy of the heart, you will have made your first steps on an endless journey to understanding love.

The energy, the signature of that which is called love, is not what you find on the little candy hearts on Valentines day, it's not what we talk about when we want to get layed, it's not even what mothers feel for their children. It's something much deeper and more profound. It's not saccharine and sugar sweet. It's not even sugar coated. It's rich and beautiful and intense and life changing. Soul changing.

When you are faced with real love, you come out someone you never were before. You do not get a choice. Real love is a furnace that burns away all the lies that you tell yourself and exposes the beauty within to yourself. It reshapes you, it makes you something you never imagined you could be ...

If you are ever so fortunate to find it in your life, and if you dare to be vulnerable, to step past your fears, to make the choice to trust and let that love reshape you, in that moment you will understand the words of Rumi, of Kahlil Gibran, of Hafiz, of St. Francis of Assisi, who have talked about love. The real, the powerful, the sacred love. The thing that most never experience and that everyone longs for, should you ever find it, is the most sacred gift you will ever receive in this lifetime.

From "The nature of love", by Kirael doAni

What is happening in our world?

Since Oct 2010, there has been a great Shift happening in our world. It is the returning of light, and the beginning of love. This is why Kirael doAni is here. The tones of oAni are spun out from the center of what is. Worlds close to the centre have access to many of the higher energies and are often very developed, while worlds closer to the expanding edge have barely developed sentience. Ours is such a world, our part of this galaxy such a region. Now is the time when people on this world are beginning to develop the energy of the heart, and as such Kirael is (and has been) here to seed and encourage and grow it into our world. 

Most think evolution happens only gradually, over a long time, but when the environment changes greatly, as happened both physically and energetically for our world in the past decades, species often evolve very quickly and drastically to adapt. The Shift represents such an evolutionary growth spurt for humanity. Within just a few generations, our world and our people will be completely transformed and live in harmony with the heart. This means that in the coming years, there will be huge changes in every aspect of life, sometimes scary, sometimes chaotic and uncomfortable, but always beautiful and metai and towards greater love and harmony.

"Cycles of light and darkness have followed your world for longer than there's been a world, and this is the first time when you wake up in the morning, and know that when the night comes, you will not have to fear. You cannot begin to understand what has happened. Only when things stabilise enough, will you be able to get some perspective on this, but that will not happen in your lifetime. Your lifetimes don't last several thousand years. So you can't understand what happened and how hugely significant it is, but you can accept that your world is changed."

From The Light will not leave again", by Kirael doAni

What are his workings?

Kirael doAni has been working in this planet for at least 300.000 years, talking to intuitive people who could hear him, influencing key moments in history, encouraging the development of those things that would bring joy and healthy growth. Now, at this key time in human history, he has taken a human form to serve as a bridge through which to bring the Kirael energies into this world. 

All of these workings are magic. They are a focussing of the will of Kirael, backed by the power of one of the Old Ones, to affect the deep underlying energies that create what we might call "reality". They take enormous amounts of focus and energy to shift, and the cost of them is so immense that it is often a struggle for the body to survive them. The reason he has been able to do some of the seemingly impossible things he has done, is because he has been moving back and forth through time as he did it, shifting energies in past and present to weave into one giant set of workings carried by the energies of the Upwelling and the Shift.

All the workings he has done were to re-balance the system, create a harmony, bring things to a perfect balance, to bring this world to an experience of stepping out of all the horror and into something so amazing, that you can celebrate every moment of every day. All you have gained through all the struggle, all the intensity and passion and beauty and creativity, can now begin to move in a new direction.

The underlying problem in this world and in a much larger area around it, was a Shift in the fabric of reality. Because of this shift, various kinds of chaos had been called into the world, the damage of which had to be repaired first before some of the more surface level problems such as the war between the genders could be addressed. Only when this underlying disconnect was fixed and the war between the gender was ended, could the ten day working to remove all the anger and shadow from these worlds be done. Now there is finally time enough to work on the layers closer to what people can perceive: the surface and structure levels. That means most of the workings done from this time on, will see effects in the world that people can start to notice.

From "First make it work", by Kirael doAni

You can find a complete list of all recordings relating to his workings in the "Workings" playlist on Soundcloud.

Why does he do it?

For someone with a love this deep, and a soul this old, people are no longer just all children, but they are all his children. All his life, he has felt that he should be helping them. If they're hurting, it hurts him and it's his problem to handle. This is why he wants to make this a world where all his kids, all the little ones, can be happy, can be kind to one another, grow and learn and play without fear, where they can live and love and learn and grow. This is why he does the work that leaves him with huge amounts of physical pain and weakness. Each decent parent will tell you, you will do whatever you have to for your kids. So what if it hurts, or is difficult.

They're my kids, and I'm going to make this world a place where they have a chance to become whatever they choose. I have faith in my kids, that if I give them a world without all the fear and ugliness, where they can trust and love and grow, that what they'll grow into is something so beautiful and so amazing that this tiny species will reshape the galaxy. It's just to give my kids a chance, to figure out who they are, to celebrate that and enjoy, to love, life and light. This is why I do it."

From "They are all my children", by Kirael doAni

What is the core of his teachings?

All of the things Kirael doAni teaches is important. But because he is saying things for a whole world, many things that will be useful in the future, it is sometimes tough for you to know which to pay attention to, which things to remember.

"Some of them, I've made it easy by saying them over and over - like the light. You have to be working and living and breathing in the light, or you'll likely end up working in shadow and it will hurt you. And he talks about basics, because basics (like ground, centre, breathe), are important. There's another piece, that's really important but that people haven't payed a lot of attention to. Without it, most of the rest of what you're going is going to fall short or fall apart. It's Ka Ton - your true self.

When you say I, the place inside where that I comes from can vary a lot. Most of the time, it will come from your thinky mind, but it can also come from your heart, or your hands, or your nose. There's a little piece in your guts, that's the centre of what's truly you, and ultimately when you say I, it should be coming from there, where it can have oomph and power and integrity and substance."

From Which of his teachings are important, which explains the importance of being your truest self and expressing that in the world.

The first step has to be to help us to grow up, to be free of the chaos, and the second step has to be to help us to think more clearly, and then the next step is to show us that most things he would share with us, are things outside the human experience, and therefore don't have labels and words, so he would have to teach us a new language. These are all things you must do before you can see the big picture.

Kirael doAni has been teaching his students, not to do great works of magic or to spread his words, but to become amazing people. To become the kind people, the sexy and wonderful and amazing people who are still friendly and loving. The kind of people that others will want to hang out with, because it gets them everything they need and want. People they can look back on, and see they were just ordinary people before who have become something amazing, and they can think "Oh, maybe I can have that too!" This is what will give them hope, what gives them something to believe in.

Why does he record audios?

Kirael records things for a whole world, and many things that will be useful in the future. He has a deep understanding of humanity that without his sharing might take hundreds of years to become known. His senses allow him to perceive deeper patterns of energies that humans can't reach yet. Once the changes he has made in this world become obvious, people will want to know how it happened. Often, he records just after a working, when the details are still clear, or from a place of great exhaustion and pain. Video recordings are often not possibly from this place, but audio recordings still allow future generations to hear his words the way he meant them. 

When Kirael doAni talks, he chooses the pitch of his voice very carefully, and the delta pitch, the loudness and the delta loudness, the prosadics, he is very careful with this. His voice is different depending on who he's talking to. However, he also tunes the energy. Every time he talks, it is a shaping. He shapes the world and the people who listen while he's speaking, and much more so with these recordings because he does not know how long they will last and how many will hear them.

These recordings may be deleted or lost or they may be listened to for generations to come, but as long as they are listened to, whoever hears them, and however much they help, nearly every single thing he has tuned to and expressed in a way that at least his more advanced students can understand. While many of the millions of seeds he has tossed out there will be far beyond anyone's reach, every one of the ideas in these audios were expressed in such a way that it was tuned at least in part to the people around him.

What will the future look like?

Magic is returning to our world. The ability to shape and affect everything you see around you, all of this is going to be possible. But it's going to take some time. The system regrows its roots, so you won't be bending spoons with your mind tomorrow.

By 2022 at the latest, our world will be so changed that we have trouble recognising it as the same place. If not the end of war, then at least the end of large scale war, perhaps a few skirmishes here and there. The end of starvation and people going hungry. A place where people all over the world have the same or similar opportunity for education, healthcare, housing. A place so dramatically different from everything you've read outside of Utopian stories that you will have trouble accepting it. Kirael's prophecy is that you will see this world by 2022.

Where is Kirael doAni located?

Kirael doAni currently resides in the north of the Netherlands, from where he has been teaching and guiding a group of his students since 2009.

Does Kirael doAni travel and organise events?

No. While it is important to go out and allow people all over the world to see, feel and touch the energies of the heart, there are others who channel his energy and are sharing it with the public more physically. At the moment, his focus is on his workings to change the underlying energies in this world, and on giving his teachings to the most advanced of his students. These teachings are made available freely through several websites. A full collection can be found on Soundcloud.

Those who want to visit him and listen to him speak, if their intentions are healthy and based in light, are welcome to do so in conference with those of his people who handle such details (see Contacts).

Can I be involved?

Yes, absolutely. This is the most important time in the history of our planet, and over the next few decades there will be a great need for people to get involved in many ways to create the future we are all looking for. There is more than enough space for everybody to find their own niche.

There are many ways in which you can be involved with Kirael doAni's work right now:

You can begin to tune to the new energies, and begin to live in harmony with the world and the people around you. This alone will make you a positive influence in the world. You can practise opening your heart and be one of the first to make the transition to heart-centered living. Living from the heart and acting in love will let you share the Kirael energy in the world. You can listen to the audios at our Soundcloud, or through any of the websites, to learn more about the important teachings on topics like relationships, sexuality, dominance, or childcare, and begin to practise them in your life and towards your loved ones. You can keep an eye on our New Golden Age facebook page for the most recent updates on Kirael doAni's workings and the changes happening in the world right now. Knowing what is going on will allow you to help your loved ones understand why they are experiencing strange things, so they can adjust to the changes easily and with grace. You can "like" our pages, share the articles and audios that you are most excited about, tell your friends, write to your favourite blog, and help others find these teachings. If you are a content creator, you can ask our staff for an interview, an appearance or for additional information and share it with your audience. You can come visit us for an evening, or for a short period, to meet Kirael doAni for yourself, to experience his energy, and to learn some of his basic teachings from his students. You can share your feedback and stories with us, and let us know your positive experiences with Kirael doAni's work. You can sign up at Elfpath, the international school that teaches Kirael doAni's process for personal growth and intuitive development, so that you can become the most amazing person you can be and affect the world powerfully. In time, you can become one of our teaching team and guide others. You can donate through this website or any of the others featuring his work. Even if it isn't much, your help is very welcome and will allow us to continue to make Kirael doAni's work available to the world. You can ask our staff if there is any particular help we need at the moment, or offer something of your own choosing that you would like to make available to us.

Please know that your involvement is much appreciated. We love to hear from you, to connect with you and to share with you. You are welcome to be involved in any way that feels right to you. If you can contribute financially, please consider doing so as our choice to provide information and help freely sometimes makes it difficult to make ends meet. 

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    About Kirael doAni

    Kirael do Ani has been working with this world and her people for at least 300.000 years, taking lifetime after lifetime on this planet and influencing human development behind the scenes.

    This world is currently going through a Shift that is more important and all-encompassing than anything before in the history of our planet. We are moving from being a people of logic and rules, to being people of the heart. Our world is moving from a long age of shadow to a beautiful new age of light that will not fade again. It is the awakening of sentience for humanity, and the return of magic. It is a time to leave behind our past of violence and to learn to care for ourselves, our children and our planet in a healthy way, with integrity, power and fun.

    As an embodiment of the energy (ki) of the heart (ra) of the creator source (el), Kirael doAni is here to form a bridge through which the light and the heart energies can enter our world. Through his workings and by the energy he holds, he is facilitating the transition, often at great personal cost, in order to guide our world into the new golden age quickly and with ease, within our current lifetime.

    In this current life, the Angel has a diverse and extensive background. He has advanced degrees in engineering and psychology, and a doctorate in religious studies. He has been a part of the development of the early internet, was a monk in the Saint Catherine monastery in Egypt, studied with shamans, Native Americans and Buddhists and other intuitive workers all over the world, and spent twenty years as a sexual abuse counsellor. You can read a short overview of this in the timeline below.

    Known by his students as the Angel, he is a master of the Meta-Intuitive Arts, currently living and teaching in the Netherlands. From his deep understanding of humanity, he teaches methods to heal from our past injuries and to grow into strong, amazing people with integrity, heart, and powerful intuitive abilities. In the audio recordings, often recorded at times of great pain, and through talking with his students, he shares with us the work he has been doing in this world, and how we can come to live in greater harmony with ourselves and each other.

    A life of an Angel

    • This life started in the town of Lafayette, Indiana (USA).

      From the very start, the Angel was gifted with an unusually high degree of empathy. Even as an infant, before he was old enough to even begin to develop his own emotional system, he felt the emotions of everyone around him painfully strong. In a time where only one in a million children was born with this level of sensitivity, there wasn't anyone around to explain what was going on, or tell him that these were not his own feelings, or how to handle them.

      Born to a poor, hard working father and a schizophrenic mother in the mid-west of the United States, along with three sisters, there wasn't much in the way of understanding, support or kindness. The Angel grew up in an atmosphere of anger, violence, homophobia, racism and strong religious and conservative ideals that did not value open-mindedness and education. It forced him to develop his sensitivity as a means of survival.

    • Someone of his soul-family had lived through the first few years of life with relative simplicity and ease, but as the body started to develop higher functions, one of the faces of the ancient being known as Kirael - the energy of the heart of the creator source - walked in and began to direct the course of this life.

      Whereas before, he had been a boy mostly interested in playing with truck cars, from this moment on the Angel became intensely focussed on acquiring knowledge, studying people and taking an interest in the world. His energy system developed at a rate far faster than other humans: his heart was online by the time he was 5 years old, and by age 7 he was working on a third-mind level.

      While the transition was not a conscious one at the time, and he never knew growing up what role he was going to play in the Shift, from this age on he began doing shamanic work, and started teaching and touching the lives of people all over the world in his dreams.

    • The family moved around a lot in the early years, between various locations in Michigan and Virginia, before settling back in Lafayette, Indiana in 1977. Family life became much more difficult, when his mother joined a particular branch of fundamentalist Christian, and started implementing a radical lifestyle. TV and movies were forbidden, and the kids were put in a Catholic school.

      Always a physically small and frail child, the Angel came very close to death more often than any child his age should, and often through strange accidents that shouldn't have happened. Once, when he was very young and sick in bed, he suddenly wandered out into the middle of a huge snow storm in nothing but pyjamas. He had wandered hundreds of meters away from the house when his mom, woken up by a strange feeling, found him just in time. Another time, he fell and bumped his head, but an allergic reaction to a CAT scan nearly killed him.

      His empathic abilities grew, and it was starting to become clear that he was very different from other children, which made it difficult to make friends. It made it easy, however, to help those in need. His first efforts at guiding and healing those around him started at this age. Around age 9, the pain of feeling increasingly the world's suffering became too much, and he decided to die. After some time in the hospital, he reconsidered, but began to shut out everything emotional.

    • In school, the Angel was brilliant, but withdrawn. He didn't have a lot of friends, wore mostly black and silver, and kept mostly to himself. He started feeling a larger calling, a strong sense that he was supposed to be something more, and being a kid in a Catholic school, he decided he should probably be a priest. Classmates called him Father Nicholas, but because of the intensity and seriousness with which he poured his heart and soul into anything that mattered to him, no one tried to bully him about it.

      The craziness of his relatives, he found, was best handled by staying in his room with a lot of books. He would read anything he could get his hands on, piles of random books salvaged from garage sales, and memorise the contents. At the same time, he was learning about technology, taking apart household appliances and putting them back together, watching his father's trade, and experimenting with electrical wiring.

      Despite being small and physically clumsy, he was a sturdy kid, and driven to try challenging things. He played school basketball at age 9, soccer at age 10-14, and american football at age 12-14. Although he was never any good, it helped him develop the physical aspects and learn team play.

    • At age 15, he started working at the local Dairy Queen. Within half a year, he was promoted to manager because of his skills and maturity, and was put in charge of people over twice his age. He continued to work here for another two years.

      Around the same time, he was - rather unwillingly at first - introduced to punk music by his classmate Mass Giorgini, with whom he remained close friends for years. His father, the brilliant scientist Aldo Giorgini, became one of the most influential people in the Angel's life, and in many ways became a substitute father to him. He spent many hours at the Sonic Iquana studio, learning about music and sound editing.

      The only other person ever to earn his respect was George Haley - brother of famous author Alex Haley - an English teacher he met in High School and a truly beautiful human being. George mentored him at theatre club as a technical director. It wasn't until college that the Angel learned his teacher was also the president of the local IATSE entertainment union, and much more involved in theatre than he previously realised. He worked with George for another five years in college.

    • In the last year of High School through the first of College, the Angel joined the U.S. Airforce R.O.T.C program - the only branch of the army that involves flying. He went through training, but quit the program in the second year, as he'd learned enough about the military to realise it was a very ugly institution that he wanted no part in.

    • The Angel started as a freshman in Engineering at Purdue University in 1986, while working in a drug store. At first he studied aeronautical engineering - because he wanted to design airplanes - but then switched to computers. Although the first year went smoothly and grades were great, personal circumstances made it impossible to function, and he had to drop out (see "Planting Trees"). A year later, he re-enrolled to finish his studies.

      After coming back, he worked at the computer lab, checking sheets of code on paper for other students, providing technical support and training for faculty and staff, developing new database management technologies. He quickly got put in charge of the team. In addition, he worked backstage in the university theatre on sound and lighting. Most weeks, he worked for 60-80 hours on top of a full course load, sleeping in the back of a van for some of that time. As part of his course work, he did research in a chemical lab and designed and developed hardware and software for analogue to digital conversion and millisecond RT recording - something that was unavailable at the time. An additional focus in his studies was psychology and language.

      Finally free from the restrictions of his relatives, who considered Martial Arts (and many other things) as being "of the devil", the Angel started practising karate, kenpo, tae kwon do, judo, jiu jitsu, aikido, shaolin kung fu, chin na and a few others. He was involved in running, rock climbing, gymnastics and racket ball, and taught fencing for a while. He spent a year in college as a weight lifter and put on a lot of muscle in that time. At the same time, he continued working in theatre, developed his hacker skills, and started to grow and develop his intuitive abilities.

      In December 1991, he received his B.Sc. in Computer and Electrical Engineering.

    • A little over a year into starting at Purdue University as a freshman in Engineering, life started to become very difficult.

      His mother, more religious and unstable than ever, had gotten it into her head that he was possessed. She threw him out and told the whole family that he was on drugs and had gotten violent with her. His father wouldn't even hear his side of the story.

      Around the same time, a decade of repressed emotions started to resurface. He started to go crazy. Entire weeks in this period are a blur, and grades started to fail rapidly. According to his roommate in college, he spent almost every night screaming in his sleep.

      He dropped out of college, and moved to Bloomington for almost a year, planting trees, drinking beer, and spending long nights on rooftops trying to find his way back to sanity. Eventually, he started to feel like he should learn more, and went back to Purdue to resume college.

    • After finishing his he spent a summer in Costa Rica, to learn to speak Spanish after taking courses in college for years. Here, aside from exploring the jungle and local culture, he worked on the development of a database in Spanish for human subjects matching.

    • Grad school was a time for healing from his childhood. Here is where he first started to come into his power. He had his first sexual experience and relationship here, and developed close friendships with some truly beautiful people. His roommate for years was the lead singer of The Chosen Few. Their conversations together often inspired and channeled creative energy. You can feel the Kirael energy in songs like Chasing the Sun, So easy to do, Galleon's lap, and Open your arms.

      After a small accident in the lab, he was taken to the E.R. just to be sure. The doctor gave him a painkiller, to which he had a rare allergic reaction that made the pain worse, instead of less. The doctor gave him 3 more doses of the same painkiller before they realised what was going on. As a result of the drug, the Angel's entire immune system shut down, and he had to spend a week in an isolation tent in the hospital - he barely survived. When he was released, his system was very weak, and entire chunks of his memory were gone. He had to quit martial arts, and rebuild his memory.

      During grad school, his focus was on mathematical psychology. He taught statistics, was a research assistant in various cognitive psychology projects, did human-subjects research in cognitive psychology and language, and helped to improve the university network. He was only a year away from his PhD in this field, when an inner voice called him to quit. He did.

      Grad school resulted in a M.A. Cognitive Science and Psycholinguistics.

    • Meticulous research brought the Angel to the Silicon Valley, California, where he first spent half a year living in San Fransisco. Near the end of 1995, he moved to Mountain View, CA, and started working in the computer field. This was at the time when the internet was just beginning to be something more than a way of communicating between universities, and he was at the core of it, always working on cutting edge projects and helping to develop and implement networking technology that is still being used today.

      At his first job, they didn't let him do the work he signed up for, so within 3 months he moved to another company and a much better pay check. He worked here for less than a year before moving to a new job at Qualix. Here, they had him working on things that he didn't want to work on, so he ignored his bosses and worked on firewalls instead. Although the company initially didn't like it, within 6 months he was their best in firewalls, and within a year he was one of the best people in the U.S. in firewalls. He was on the phone daily with the developers of the firewall program in Israel, and was speaking at NetSec and Sans security conferences from '95 to '99.

      He spent about 3 years working from the Silicon Valley, living in various places there such as Palo Alto, Redwood Shores. While there, he spent several days a week in clubs up in San Francisco, learning to dance and making a lot of interesting friends. In those days he rode a motorcycle because he didn't like cars - motorcycles are so much closer to flying.

    • At one of the conferences, the Angel met Gene from the Stanford Research Institute, who quickly offered him a job. The Angel worked for their consulting wing, whose motto was, "We'll help you with any project that has been done three times or less." He consulted on cutting edge projects for 40 of the top 100 U.S. companies as a developer, teacher, project leader, and much more. Due to his empathy, he could feel exactly what a client wanted, and he had developed the communication skills to translate easily between managers and tech staff. In consulting, he combined high-level / big-picture perspective with extensive hands-on technical experience.

    • In the summer of '97, the Angel and his colleague John Vajda were invited to come live in the World Trade Center hotel in New York for a few months. When in New York, he visited an old High School classmate who had been fascinated by bdsm for years, but was too shy to try it. Since he had a lot of money at the time, he took her to a bdsm shop, bought $300 leather pants, and took her to the Hellfire club. Here he was approached by Velma J. Bowen, who said, "I don't know what it is about you, but I'm terrified if I let you walk out this door, I'll never see you again, and I'd really like to get to know you."

      This set the tone of his three month stay in New York. He spent a lot of time with the Eulenspiegel Society, and learned much about fetishes, pain, and sexual healing from this amazing group of people. In a short time, he became well recognised as a dom within the society, to the extent where an author writing a book on dom/sub relationships said the Angel was the only truly dominant male he'd ever encountered. His empathy, experience and a decade of studying people allowed him to perform at clubs with a beauty and grace that drew crowds.

    • While in New Orleans to attend an Ann Rice ball for Halloween, he had one of the most dangerous experiences of his life. New Orleans is - or was - a place where the dark arts are still very much in practise, and where it is powerful. At the time, the Angel didn't have the experience with it that he has now, and when a woman with bird skulls around her neck approached him in a bar where he was with a friend, he didn't immediately catch on that something was wrong. She saw him from across the room, recognised him as someone of immense power, and rushed over.

      She slipped something in his drink that made him very pliable, took him out of the bar, and dragged him through New Orleans, showing him some of the darkest places. The drug was slowly stripping away all his defences, making him vulnerable to the energies around him and to the influence of the hedge witch. She was muttering spells under her breath, and eventually dragged him to the side of the river, encouraging him to jump in. She was trying to perform a ritual that would give her all his power, but it involved him killing himself voluntarily. Somewhere, despite being drugged out of his mind, he found the strength to refuse, and found shelter with an ancient river being at the Mississippi river. Slowly his awareness was starting to come back, and the hedge witch, knowing she failed, fled. The Angel made it back to his friend, who recognised what happened and did everything she could to save his life.

      The only way he made it through the night was thanks to his friend, her extensive knowledge growing up with the dark arts, and a chance encounter with a stranger who gave her, out of nowhere, some very powerful crystals he had been personally charging for 2 weeks, on a strong feeling he had to give them to someone. He barely made it through that first night - some shamans later said that he did in fact die - and his friend said if he would still be in New Orleans by nightfall, she wouldn't be able to get him through. So at sunrise, she put him on the first plane out of New Orleans.

      When he came to, all his intuitive gifts were gone, he was suddenly functioning as a mundane.

    • Near the end of '97, the SRI sent him over to work in London, because there was no one available in Europe with his level of knowledge and expertise. In his time in London, he did much the same work as for the SRI in the Silicon Valley. He consulted for 20 of the top 100 companies in Europe and taught local SRI staff about network security. He spoke at a conference in Portugal, did a project for the Bank of Italy, did a computer security project in Norway and more.

      While in London, he did a lot of drugs - anything that didn't require a needle: xtc, ketamine, speed, cocaine ... He was making a lot of money at the time, was brilliant at his job, and could easily afford it. With his gifts burned out for half a year due to the hedge witch, everything that he had value in his life, that made the world feel real and intense, was lost with no sign of improvement. It's similar to you losing your eyesight and hearing in the same day. It was an intensely difficult time.

      Slowly, his gifts started to return, but not the same as before. In addition to the huge sensitivity and empathy he's always had, he started to develop the gift for prophecy, and began to do small shapings.

    • The Angel had been working in computers and network security very successfully for years when in Oct. '98, a voice came to him and said, "Alright, you're going to be really good at this, but you're going to lose all your meta gifts. Or you can walk away from the computer field." His intuitive gifts and the meta- had always been more real and more meaningful to him than the mundane, and he was very excited about his returning gifts... So the next day, he put in his notice and walked away from a very well paying career with a bright future.

      On that same day, he got a mysterious phone call, from what was likely a government branch. They told him repeatedly that they wanted him to come work for them, and would pay him anything he wanted. Anything at all. But once the Angel makes a decision, it stands. So he refused, gave away most of his belongings, did one last conference, and spent 6 months in New Orleans to sort out everything that had happened there the previous year.

      After that, he left to travel around Europe, trying to find back the missing pieces of himself and searching for his power.

    • He travelled in Paris and learned how to draw there, then moved down to Portugal, through Italy, to Greece. He stayed with locals and in cheap hotels, and met some amazing people. For a summer he worked at a youth hostel in Italy, and by the time he left, the owner showed him a guest book full of notes saying that year had been the best experience they ever had at the hostel. Every place he stayed, he left a personal item behind, intentionally reducing the amount of things he carried around.

      In Greece, he was starting to run out of travelling money. However, his contact back in the States, who had been left in charge of his finances while he was in Europe, informed him that all his money was gone, and would not explain where it had gone. Not able to afford a ticket back home, or a hotel, he worked seasonal jobs for a while for food and a roof. When that ended, he slept on park benches, nothing more than a small backpack and a sheet of plastic to sleep under.

      He was about to give up his search when a homeless looking man from Africa, eating pomegranate seeds, insisted on telling him in French that he was on a quest, and that he wanted to give up but he couldn't, it was too important. The man told him of a series of locations he had to visit, and could repeat the whole list several times despite being extremely stoned. He called it, l'itineraire mystique. The Angel considered it, and, being out of options, decided to go on this quest.

    • At the personal request of the Archbishop of Sinai, who he met only days after deciding to follow the Itineraire mystique, the Angel was flown from Greece, to the monastery of Saint Catherine at the bottom of Mount Sinai in Egypt, where he lived as a monk for several months. He attended mass, learned to read in orthodox Greek and worked closely with one of the monastery's priests, Father Justin.

      Although he loved his time here and would have stayed to become a priest, after three months his calling told him it was time to move on.

    • His return to the States was difficult, as he left the monastery with little to no funds. His attempts to continue l'itineraire mystique, after staying in Israel and Jordan for a while, failed at the Syrian border, where a military commander threatened to throw him in prison just for being a tourist. He walked back through an area full of landmines and barbed wires.

      A strange mystical experience guided him back to London, where a friend from his time with the SRI spent several months getting him back to a healthy weight. Some further co-incidences eventually brought him back to New York, and from there on to Florida to reconnect with the relatives. From there, he went to Brazil to visit Joao de Deus, and later Ron Roth.

      He was exploring different aspects of the intuitive arts, and trying to find answers to a deep sense of purpose that kept calling him. Around here was the time when he was first beginning to sense the huge transition that was approaching our world, and the return of energy and a time of prophecy. Feeling it clearly, he began to call it The Shift, or The Great Shift for people who like big words.

      For a year or so, he found work again in California in computers while finishing up his studies.

    • Back in the States, the Angel worked to gain his doctorate in theology and holistic studies. He wrote his thesis on the inevitable death of Christianity.

    • For a while already, he had felt he should go to Hawaii, and in January 2002, it finally scanned to go.

      He lived on the beautiful monastery island of Kauai for two years, working outdoors as a painter of houses, attending spiritual conferences and helping the people who came to find him.

    • After his return from Hawaii, while staying with a friend, he began having flashbacks and nightmares. He was showing all the signs of suppressed trauma, but there wasn't any such trauma in his past. Months of painful intuitive searching finally led him to remember a series of memories from a very long time ago, when a race called the Anu first came to this world. The resulting story can be found on the New Golden Age website. When showing the story to a friend later on, he found that there are many others remembering similar stories.

      After a lifetime of random strangers walking up to him to tell him that he had something incredibly important to do, that they saw massive wings when looking at him, and that he had to keep going because he was too important to this world, this was one of the first times he started to realise for himself that he is something more than human, and that his personal history has been interwoven with that of the world for many thousands of years.

    • After Hawaii, the Angel lived in Wisconsin for two years, managing a local coffee shop.

      Towards the end of his stay there, just as he handed in his notice, two men in fancy business suits and with Washington accents came in to talk to him, and told him they were NSA, and if he wouldn't come to work for them. He wouldn't, even when they offered him a lot of money. He explained that he felt the NSA wasn't such a nice organisation, with all the spying on people and such, and that he didn't feel right being a part of that. They were unhappy with this answer and eventually left.

      Next, he moved to Arizona, where he stayed for another two years. After the meeting with the men in suits ... it became impossible for him to find any work. His skillset in computers alone had always been enough to get him a job very quickly, but suddenly, no place would hire him. He would go in to a company, they would be very enthusiastic about his skills and ask him if he could start right away ... only to call back within a few hours to say that sorry, no, they couldn't hire him, bye. Never a reason. This didn't change when he moved to South Carolina, where he stayed another two years.

      In this time, his mastery of the intuitive arts grew. For the last decade, wherever he lived, soon enough people would hear about what he could do, and come ask him questions about life. Any time he saw down in public since the '90s, someone would sit down and tell him all their secrets, their life story, their most painful memories. He met with spiritual teachers, every single one of which told him he was already a master, he was the one who should be teaching them. Every time someone found him in their dreams, he was teaching them. He continued the shamanic work he had been doing since childhood, and met shamans on his path of several different traditions who gave him further training.

    • While in Charleston, S.C., the Angel volunteered as a fireman. Over a year of training, he obtained all the necessary training and certificates. He crawled through burning houses, helped people in car crashes, and worked as an emergency medical technician (EMT) firefighter.

      The intention was to work in this capacity as a full time job, but although he went through the application and interviewing process smoothly, at the very last step he was suddenly told, "Nope, can't hire you."

    • Near the end of 2009, the Angel moved to the Netherlands to train one of his recent students and to pass on his teachings in the Meta-Intuitive Arts. It had always been a dream of his to start a school where others could learn the things he spent a lifetime struggling with, in a way that was easy, light and fun, but it had been made clear he was not the person to do it.

      He's described the Netherlands as the underworld, a place where under a thick polite surface layer, there are strong energies of racism, hatred and shadow. In some ways, it is one of the ugliest places in the world, and so the place from where the great work would be most effective.

      While working with the students, he began to shape more seriously, creating energy constructs in everyday objects to make people's lives easier, to help them ground, to increase their sensitivity and so on. While experimental at first, the magik tools he made quickly became solid enough to hold and copy, and he started to shape on larger scales. At the same time, the Angel did deep intuitive work to map the underlying fundamentals of this world.

    • This major time in the history of our world had been foretold by many cultures and mythologies.

      While most people thought the end of the Mayan Calendar was in 2012, the actual Shift happened in October 2010. By the time people were starting to get worked up about it, the event itself was already long passed. This was done intentionally, to prevent chaos and suffering in people fighting the change.

      The Angel was instrumental in bringing about the Shift, and unlocking an ancient, very powerful upwelling of energy close to our planet that will affect life on Earth and in this region of the galaxy for a very long time to come. Bringing about this Shift required working in a 9-dimensional space and channelling huge amounts of energy through a physical body into our worlds. It nearly killed him, and he had to completely rework his energy system to survive.

    • The Shift opened a window where time was very condensed, from which a lot of changes could be made to the system. In the five years following the Shift, the Angel worked almost ceaselessly to re-work the underlying energies in this world and the ones linked to it.

      He found that this world is as ugly as it has been because of a tear in the fabric of reality, in the pattern that this universe is based on, and through it many things got corrupted. One of the first steps in his great work was to begin to heal this tear in the pattern. The details of many of the workings can be found onSoundcloud.

    • In mid October 2015, time as we knew it ended, and everything that existed before, was in a split second re-made. This closed the window of transition that had been open since October 2010, and officially ended the period of intense large scale workings to set these worlds on a path towards light and harmony.

      Since that date, the Angel has been working to make smaller scale changes, aimed more towards the surface and the expressions of light and shadow in the world, and has been actively encouraging a transition to functioning from the heart in everybody currently alive.

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